Terms and Conditions

Apparel supplied by the customer…

Must be compatible with our inks (50/50 or 100% cotton)
Must be new from the mill, not old worn fabric.
Must be willing to drop off or ship apparel to our shop.

We usually are very good about credits and no charge for botched prints on our part, when we mess up on apparel that is purchased from us, we credit the print and apparel that has been botched or we replace it right there. When printing customer supplied apparel, if we misprint, we can only credit the cost of the print.


Setup / Screen Charges

All equipment, and products involved in the creation of your order is the sole property of the owner of the equipment or products. Screens, films, machines, inks are the property of the owners of said items. If the customer accrues screen, ink mixing, or film charges, it is for the time of setup or the use of extra products only. If the customer would like to purchase screens, films, inks, etc.. involved in the creation of their products, it can, most of the time, be arranged.



Brown Bear Printing reserves the right, when necessary, to substitute material of equal or better quality without notification. If you would not like substitutions, please inform us at the time of order.


Your Satisfaction is very important to us. If your products are misprinted or damaged, we will replace or credit the items to your next order. To put in a claim, please email us your order number and a description of the problem. You may also call us to resolve the issue. All claims must be made within 5 days of receipt of goods.

Due to the nature of custom printed products, we cannot accept a return of any kind unless it is misprinted, defective or materially flawed. Sizing, color and shrinkage of apparel can vary between manufacturers and styles. If you have a concern before you order, please order a sample of the product before purchase.
Brown Bear Printing cannot guarantee the dye consistency of apparel from any manufacturer. Dye lots may vary through the order.

Ink colors may differ from what was approved on your art proof online. This is due to different color settings of monitors. If you have a concern, please order an ink sample before production. Brown Bear Printing is not responsible for this color variance.

Brown Bear Printing is not responsible for the miss-sizing of your art on the product if not specified by the customer. Art must be sent at the size it is to be printed or customer needs to specify the size. If the customer does not let us know what size the art is to be printed, we will size the image on the piece ourselves.

Dye Migration – Dye migration occurs when dye from the fabric transfers to the plastisol ink causing the ink to turn a different shade. The most pronounced colored garment that this happens on is red or maroon. 100% cotton garments resist this for the most part but, with blends, it is a major problem. If you are dead set on having red or maroon 50/50 shirts with white ink, there is a slight chance your white ink will turn pink, even if we are using types of ink to resist this bleeding. We mainly press 100% cotton for this reason.

Cracking – Plastisol prints on t-shirts are not suppose to crack after a few washes. I am sure you probably have a shirt or 2 that you have had in your closet for years that the image is all cracked and flakey. The main culprit is the ink has not been cured properly in production. We test every order for a proper cure. There are other reasons for cracking and fading of screen printed garments. One is the screen print was not taken care of properly. If your clothes dryer is set for a higher heat, this heat will remelt the plastisol print and then recool it. This melting and recooling process compromises the screenprint. If you pull a screen printed shirt out of the dryer and the print is sticky or tacky, you are putting to much heat to the garment. Proper care is a must for screen printed garments to last beyond the life of the shirt. The best way to care for screen printed garments is machine wash, cold water, no bleach, delicate cycle, garment turned inside out. Hang dry for best results but OK to tumble dry low heat on permanent press settings. Do not use fabric softener. Do Not iron printed area.

Washout – Plastisol ink is designed to last repeated washings without washing out. However, some special effects inks wash out a bit the first few washings.
If you have a standard ink print that washed out after a wash, please bring it to our attention and we will credit it. Please don’t bother trying to get a credit after it has been washed a hundred times or so.

Any product that is involved in a claim that is defective or misprinted must be either returned or the customer may purchase the items for a 50% discount. Reprinting of the same order with the same art is the only option. Full refunds or changing of the art is not permitted. If products are returned, Brown Bear Printing reserves the right to give away or sell the items as seconds.